What Length Should a Film Be?

One of the frustrations I’ve encountered with my film The Art of Dreaming has been trying to get it shown at film festivals. I suspected a 40 minute film would be a tough sell, because festivals seem to want to program either full-length features (approximately 75- 120 minutes) or shorts under 20 minutes long. There wasn’t any place for The Art of Dreaming.

But that 1 1/2 to two hours length for a feature film is such an arbitrary length and doesn’t seem to have much to do with the way people watch movies anymore, an anachronism from older times.

Andrei Severny has a very welcome essay on the Tribeca Film Festival website questioning this convention and urging film festivals to be more flexible in their programming. I can only say “Amen!”

Check it out.

Why We Must Free Film From Running Time Prejudice at Tribecafilm.com