Extraordinary New Book of Choreography Notes by Tatsumi Hijikata

Ugly Duckling Presse has just published an extraordinary book of choreography notes by Tatsumi Hijikata, co-founder of Butoh, from a performance he directed in 1976.

Transcribed at the time by lead dancer Moe Yamamoto, the book presents us with the actual words and mental images Hijikata used to direct, motivate, and inspire his dancers at this stage of his artistic development. It demonstrates vividly how deeply interconnected words, internal images, and movement were for him.

The book reproduces the words, erasures and drawing from the original notes and gives us the original Japanese with an English translation on alternating pages. For anyone interested on the art and history of butoh, this is an invaluable document.

You can purchase it here:


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Butoh Aesthetics

Sankai JukuI’ve added an essay about the aesthetics of Butoh, examining what, despite all their differences, Butoh artists have in common.
(Reprinted from my old website).

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