The Art of Dreaming Gets Rave Review

The Art of Dreaming just got a great review from Rouge Cinema reviewer Philip Smolen.

“I love dream vs. reality films and writer/director Bob DeNatale has made an eerie, enticing entry with his new 40 minute short film “The Art of Dreaming.” It projects a vibe very similar to the old classic “Carnival of Souls” (1962) and immediately got under my skin. DeNatale develops a very creepy and believable world where dreams and reality co-exist and blend together. Like most good entries in this genre, DeNatale keeps you guessing whether Maya is in the real world or the world of her dreams, and this inability to distinguish the two adds immensely to the mood and enjoyment of the film.”

He also called our lead, Kate Villanova as Maya Rivers, “perfect.” Can’t get better than that.

Congratulations to the cast and crew who all worked so hard to make the movie so good! Check out the review, then check out the film!

Rogue Cinema The Art of Dreaming Review