KIM Promo
Kim is my new film, currently in pre-production. You can check out the website for the film here.

Kim is a sci-fi psychological thriller about a woman who wakes one day with no memory of who she is. She tries to piece together the puzzle of her past, but her world seems to slip sideways whenever she gets a grasp on it.

The film uses science fiction tropes to explore the nature of identity. What makes us who we are? Our memories? Our bodies? The expectations others have of us? Or is there something deeper more illusive that determines our true selves?

Dreamy and hypnotic the film plays with the contrast of fantasy and reality. Hallucinations and nightmares merge with a surreal world of mutants, telepaths, and mad experiments.

The script is finished. We’re currently putting together a production team, and we’re off to a very strong start.

Lenny Gonzalez, of course, will be our composer. Lenny has been my main collaborator for many years. He has scored all of my films and before that was the co-founder with me of the noise-art band XSX and resident composer for my butoh company Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater.

Just joining us is our Production Designer Elle Kunnos de Voss. Elle is an amazing talent with many years experience. She has a great eye and a slightly twisted sensibility that will perfectly complement the rest of the team. Previously, she was Production Designer on the feature film, The Ceremony, based on a novel by Catherine Robbes-Grillet. She is currently preparing to stage the opera, The Free Will Delusion, in Washington DC.

Also joining us is Producer Leeah Odom. Leeah has spent the past three years working her way through the New York entertainment industry. In between producing gigs, she has worked in every field from television distribution to on-set dresser to Art Office PA. She has produced a number of shorts. Kim will be her first feature. We’re very excited to have Leeah on our team. She’s got a lot of energy and a lot of great ideas. I’m sure she’s going to be an invaluable asset to us as we move forward.

Kim Sketch Small